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She is not like the other teachers;
she teaches us
while playing.
It's really fun
and you can remember it better.

Julie Gambade, age 10, Grenoble, France

This parent can't believe her children still remember vocabulary from an isolated lesson six months previously!

Six months ago, my four year old and my seven year old spent 20 minutes with Shelley using these techniques to learn colours; 

I was amazed to find that they still remember them all today!

Julie O’Devlin, Salisbury, UK

Your pupils will remember you forever!

We are both missing you a lot. Victoria's French is really keeping her ahead in school and she’s getting As all the time, and it's helping me as well because lots of French people come into my class at school! 

The French people say to count up to 20 and it is really easy as I can count up to 60! Wish you were here, love from Hannah.

Hannah Watson, Canterbury, UK

The games are fun and adaptable

Your games are such great fun and adaptable for all ages. The kids enjoy them immensely. They are the perfect fit for my students and my style of teaching.

Dominique Guihenneuc Italy, 2007

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